Project Description

Diabetes Therapy
Here at Liberty Physical Therapy we are excited to introduce a new technology called The Anodyne Infrared Therapy System. This unique system assists in reduction or elimination of pain and faster healing of all types of wounds, injuries and surgeries. In addition, excellent clinical outcomes have been demonstrated with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) including restoration of sensation.
The Anodyne Therapy System is non-invasive, drug free and safe, it uses Monochromatic Infrared Energy (mire) to increase local circulation , reduce pain, improve nerve function, and wound healing. These are often common problems found in patients with diabetes.
The outcomes that we have been achieving in our facility include:
• Faster healing and prevention of pressure ulcers
• Improved would healing in chronic non-healing wounds
• Potential to prevent amputations
• Faster healing of soft tissue injuries and surgeries
• Better pain management and reduction in pain medication
• Improved Contracture Management
• Restoration of protective sensation in Diabetic Peripheral —Neuropathy
Improved Gait and balance with potential to reduce falls —–due to DPN and arthritis pain